terça-feira, 29 de março de 2011

sometimes you feel like you're falling, but thats not true, you just feel it because your world is confused. sometimes you want go away, but you don't go, because you know you have friends who will support you in every moments. sometimes you promise things wich you know, will not come true, but you do the promises. are you asking why? yes, you are. the truth is, you love your friends more than you love your own and you can't see them unhappy (strange but real).
- promise me you will be here forever and promise me you will wait for me cause in your arms I am comfortable and when we are togheter, we don't have space for complications. you make me feel natural and pure! like i always had wanted. Imposible? imposible is live without you and your love for me.
finally i found you, love you

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