quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2011

everyday when we wake up we do a routine. sometimes that routine, change, maybe for better. i don't know. but that is not important. i wanna talk about expectations. every day we do expectatives, expectations about people who is around us and about ourselves. the more important expectations are the ones we do about our own attitudes. when we can't satisfed these expectations, everybody ask why and how, but we don't have answers for they, cause we don't know what happened with the perfect persons who we thought we are.
during our life, we make choices, lots of choices, sometimes more than we can imagine and sometimes we can't control this.
don't think about what the others say cause the you must have selfesteem, and what you think is the principal opinion in the world (your world).
stop dreaming, stop crying, STOP. start living
or something like that

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